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New Videos on Focus and Listening

I have uploaded two new videos to my Video Archive. The first video discusses Improving Focus and ┬áthe “ecology of attention,” highlighting how attention is much more social than most of us realize. The second video addresses Listening without Looking

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Our Weird, Loopy Understanding of Gaming Addiction

  Our era is largely defined by fascination with games. All kinds of games. Sports enjoy high status as entertainment. The vast majority have multiple games on handheld devices, and boys crave time on gaming platforms or laptops which can

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Relationship and Relevance Win Every Time!

  It’s that time of the year when psychologists like myself are doing end of the year, academic consultations at schools. The focus is on trying to summarize the progress of the current school year, and set goals for the

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The Truth Won’t Be Suppressed

It was more than a decade ago that I began writing and speaking about the social and emotional challenges of boys. Believe it or not, a decade ago this was still a controversial position to take. After I wrote Boys

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All Social Contact Is Not Created Equal

Would most people agree that social contact is rapidly increasing? I believe so. But most would also agree that our understanding of what social contact means has broadened to include all forms of electronic contact. In fact, most social contact

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