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Important Meditation on Space

Readers of this blog know that they can expect perspectives of youth not found elsewhere. I’m really hoping to connect with kindred spirits about topics that can change the lives of kids for the better. Recently, I’ve discovered a book

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The War on Creativity

It shouldn’t be difficult to advocate for the basics. It should be obvious that some learning experiences are so fundamental to human life that they can’t be reasonably excluded from childhood. But in fact it is increasingly awkward to advocate

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The Form of Childhood

We seem to live in a time when almost all discussion of youth is linked to problems and pathologies. This perspective is so deeply ingrained within our cultural psyche that any other concern is effectively squeezed out. I worry that

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Why Stories and Language Matter

    For more than a decade I have been writing and publicly speaking about the importance of language in helping boys to develop empathy – connection to a world larger than themselves. Studies plainly demonstrate that better language skills

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Dystopian Art for Kids – Fun and Profitable

  It’s hard to imagine the word “dystopia” coming up in conversation or in very much writing just ten years ago. How things have changed. Dystopia is everywhere, and is an especially hot theme in film and fiction. The Hunger

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