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The Form of Childhood

We seem to live in a time when almost all discussion of youth is linked to problems and pathologies. This perspective is so deeply ingrained within our cultural psyche that any other concern is effectively squeezed out. I worry that

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Relationship and Relevance Win Every Time!

  It’s that time of the year when psychologists like myself are doing end of the year, academic consultations at schools. The focus is on trying to summarize the progress of the current school year, and set goals for the

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Seventeen and Depressed? Here’s Why.

Being seventeen should be a great time of life. Many have worked their way through the awkwardness of earlier years, and now enjoy a more relaxed and satisfying social life. Plus, most of the work of secondary school is behind

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This is a Blog About…

  This is a blog about young people, and what’s important to them. I’ve created this blog as a means of exploring alternative narratives about youth. Although I will be addressing parenting and teaching strategies from time to time, this

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