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Stop the Dull, Preachy Assemblies on Bullying

Could any truth be more apparent than the fact that school assemblies on bullying have reached epidemic levels of boring? Kids complain about this to me all the time. Unfortunately, school organizers seem the last to know. The assemblies make

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Talking to Students About Bullying

There is no assembly topic more appealing to a majority of schools than bullying prevention. The reasons why are, sadly, obvious. Equally sad, however, is that schools so often approach this topic in a blunt, moralistic manner that alienates young

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Our Perverse Infatuation with Mean Girls

It’s reported that the Mean Girls cast will reunite for a comedy sketch on a network to be announced. On one level, it makes sense. The original movie, based on a book by Rosalind Wiseman, was a huge success. Its

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