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Best School Video Ever!

Must see video from one of my favorite schools! Isn’t this how we want all students to feel about school…I think so!  

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Play is the Work of Children

Play occupies life before work does, and is in ways a primer for work. As cleverly observed by philosopher Alain de Botton, children gravitate toward characters who are “shopkeepers, builders, cooks or farmers – people whose labor can easily be

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“Monstrous Children”

Modern children face an unfortunate fact. For all the love and attention we lavish on them, hardly a soul takes them seriously. Further, despite abundant indulgence and protection provided to middle-class children, in particular, few are given anything significant to

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Do Manners Make Kids Dull?

      I came across this thoughtful piece on manners during childhood in The Guardian. Nice analysis of how a person’s socioeconomic class can make manners feel “suffocating.” Do others feel the same? Not sure. I know that I was raised

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Relationship and Relevance Win Every Time!

  It’s that time of the year when psychologists like myself are doing end of the year, academic consultations at schools. The focus is on trying to summarize the progress of the current school year, and set goals for the

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Biggest Myth About ADHD

    In a world where ADHD is everywhere, many of us have accepted a short attention span, distractibility, and restlessness as the new norm. We may worry about younger generations, but the worry is mostly misplaced. Young people are

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Talking to Students About Bullying

There is no assembly topic more appealing to a majority of schools than bullying prevention. The reasons why are, sadly, obvious. Equally sad, however, is that schools so often approach this topic in a blunt, moralistic manner that alienates young

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The Long Road to Kindness

  So much has been written about the importance of empathy in recent years.I describe empathy as the lynch pin of social and emotional development in boys in my book Boys of Few Words. This belief stems directly from my

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