No Mind Left Behind


No Mind Left Behind

by Adam J. Cox
Discover the Eight Essential Skills Every Child Needs to Thrive

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“Executive skills are often neglected in our fast-paced world, and Dr. Cox offers practical, research-based strategies for this problem, which afflicts so many ids. Parents and teachers, pay attention!”
Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., author of Your Child’s Growing Mind

“Millions of children are at a fork in the road. One road leads to opportunity, confidence, and eventually the fulfillment of their personal and vocational potential. The other, unfortunately, is a road of frustration, unfulfilled promise, and an increased probability of social and academic failure. This is a book about giving children the best possible chance to go down the right road. Childhood is fleeting, and the clock is ticking when it comes to giving your child a chance to succeed.”

In this revolutionary new book, Dr. Adam Cox reveals what parents and educators need to know about executive control skills- the eight essential cognitive abilities that are crucial for every child. These skills have helped children diagnosed with special needs reach new levels of achievement, and they help ever child fulfill his or her fullest potential, regardless of age and development level.

The eight skills are:

With expert tools and techniques, this ground-breaking guide reframes what we know about the brain—and provides much-needed solutions to help every child thrive. Order Now.

Review of “No Mind Left Behind”
“Executive functions is an increasingly used term that is used to describe the interrelated brain functions of initiative, organization and planning, prioritizing, focusing, flexibility, short term working memory, emotional regulation and self-awareness. We have come to realize that when a child (or adult) is impaired in any of these areas, the consequences tend to be chronic and widespread.

This framework is a practical one because it leads to concrete strategies to compensate for deficits in these areas. By focusing on the actual impairments rather than a diagnostic label, we are more likely to see the whole child and what they need.” Dr. Debra Moore, Fall Creek Associates

No Mind Left Behind/Eight Pillars Resources:
The information in this handout is from No Mind Left Behind and shared with the permission of the author, Dr. Adam Cox. Mary Gauthier, Executive Director, Wernham West Centre for Learning, Upper Canada College.

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