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Stop the Dull, Preachy Assemblies on Bullying

Could any truth be more apparent than the fact that school assemblies on bullying have reached epidemic levels of boring? Kids complain about this to me all the time. Unfortunately, school organizers seem the last to know. The assemblies make

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The War on Creativity

It shouldn’t be difficult to advocate for the basics. It should be obvious that some learning experiences are so fundamental to human life that they can’t be reasonably excluded from childhood. But in fact it is increasingly awkward to advocate

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Can Nature Really Cure ADHD?

  There is a pernicious myth that being in nature can miraculously cure those affected by ADHD, or more specifically, executive dysfunction. There is something wholesome and positive about this notion. It is based on the belief that the main

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Seventeen and Depressed? Here’s Why.

Being seventeen should be a great time of life. Many have worked their way through the awkwardness of earlier years, and now enjoy a more relaxed and satisfying social life. Plus, most of the work of secondary school is behind

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The Long Road to Kindness

  So much has been written about the importance of empathy in recent years.I describe empathy as the lynch pin of social and emotional development in boys in my book Boys of Few Words. This belief stems directly from my

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