More Hands on Deck

DSC_0248Here’s an interesting blog I ran across, called “Wisdom of the Hands,” written by woodworker, teacher and author Doug Stowe. Here’s how he describes his topic: “This blog is dedicated to sharing the concept that our hands are essential to learning – that we engage the world and its wonders, sensing and creating primarily through the agency of our hands. We abandon our children to education in boredom and intellectual escapism by failing to engage their hands in learning and making.”

Although not a woodworker of Mr. Stowe’s caliber, I remember building archive boxes¬†with students at the Landon School in Bethesda, MD, with the help and support of John Botti (who will soon be Head of the Browning School) and Marcos Williams. It takes a special talent to work with your hands while working with kids, and so more power to Mr. Stowe, who clearly sees the value of engaging hands, and minds, together.

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