How to Talk to Boys

Mother and son

Okay, so the first thing to know about getting a great conversation going is that communication has two parts: form and content. Most everybody pays mega attention to the content, while neglecting form. The content is what you are talking about; the form is how you are expressing yourself. The key to great conversation with boys is to develop task tone. Here is a link to a  new video on my website addressing the basic skills. There is also a video on task tone. Watch them repeatedly, and learn the keys to connecting with boys. Task tone is amazingly effective. It reduces anxiety and inhibition. It feels respectful and safe – and it allows boys to pay attention to your message. Don’t even think about bribing boys with gifts and privileges. That is an inherently disrespectful approach that cannot be sustained. Learn to take boys seriously, and learn to show that positive regard in your voice. I promise you the results will be more than you can imagine!

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