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teens_0This is a blog about young people, and what’s important to them. I’ve created this blog as a means of exploring alternative narratives about youth. Although I will be addressing parenting and teaching strategies from time to time, this blog is not intended as a worry-fest. Instead, I want to explore the deeper meaning of youth, and how childhood and adolescence can be made great. It is my hope that this blog will become a forum for others with similar interests. I welcome alternative opinions and conversation. It is a dialogue long overdue. Sometimes books refer to the Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence – but no such psychology exists because it has never been adequately articulated! There are scores of textbooks claiming to describe such a psychology, but most are only lists of mental disorders, or reductive stage models of youth. Both perspectives are a far cry from a true psychology of youth.

What do we know of young people’s aspirations, dreams, and ideals? How can we work to unfold these ideas thoughtfully, and respectfully? In my view, this is seminal work for our cultures. This not the work of trying to shape the “perfect” child, but is the work of trying to better understand what is relevant for young people. There’s no time to waste for such an important task.

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