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April 2014 - Dr. Adam Cox
Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Truth Won’t Be Suppressed

It was more than a decade ago that I began writing and speaking about the social and emotional challenges of boys. Believe it or not, a decade ago this was still a controversial position to take. After I wrote Boys

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All Social Contact Is Not Created Equal

Would most people agree that social contact is rapidly increasing? I believe so. But most would also agree that our understanding of what social contact means has broadened to include all forms of electronic contact. In fact, most social contact

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The Difference Between Leading and Impressing

  One of the most persistent points of confusion in adolescent thinking is the difference between being a leader, and impressing others. Most kids conflate these two things, and its harmful to both individuals and schools. Most young people believe

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Why Stories and Language Matter

    For more than a decade I have been writing and publicly speaking about the importance of language in helping boys to develop empathy – connection to a world larger than themselves. Studies plainly demonstrate that better language skills

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The Long Road to Kindness

  So much has been written about the importance of empathy in recent years.I describe empathy as the lynch pin of social and emotional development in boys in my book Boys of Few Words. This belief stems directly from my

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Communicating with Kids on Monday

Today is Monday, the best day of the week to communicate with your adolescent son or daughter about priorities. An effective parent-coach spends more time bringing priorities into focus, and explaining the path for achieving those priorities, than issuing reprimands

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Dystopian Art for Kids – Fun and Profitable

  It’s hard to imagine the word “dystopia” coming up in conversation or in very much writing just ten years ago. How things have changed. Dystopia is everywhere, and is an especially hot theme in film and fiction. The Hunger

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This is a Blog About…

  This is a blog about young people, and what’s important to them. I’ve created this blog as a means of exploring alternative narratives about youth. Although I will be addressing parenting and teaching strategies from time to time, this

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