The beginning of all possibilities is the moment when we see the truth without fear or avoidance. Communication and ideas transform confusion into possibilities. They are what hold us together, and remind us that we are not alone.

Adam Cox 2015Welcome! I’m Dr. Adam Cox, a psychologist, author, and presenter. For over a decade I’ve been consulting with schools worldwide, and have presented hundreds of professional development programs for independent schools and public school districts, healthcare organizations, and community groups serving children, adolescents and families.

Along the way, my books have helped people improve social skills, communication, and provide practical approaches to managing ADHD.

One of my goals is to provide new solutions to some of the key challenges facing 21st century youth, and the underlying issues behind failure to launch, anger, or lack of motivation. By building on strengths and approaching problems with a positive attitude, we can be excellent teachers, parents, and therapists.

For those who would like to meet me in person, my clinical practice is located near the historic Four Corners of beautiful Tiverton, Rhode Island.

On this site you will find dozens of articles, videos, and audio designed to be of immediate help. If your school or community is interested in a more complete presentation of ideas, strategies, and solution, please be in touch!

Every kind of work I do, including the most technical consultations on learning and attention, are ultimately intended help people live closer, more fulfilled lives. This is my professional purpose, and I thank you for being here.